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Version and Compatibility

Alteryx Version Compatibility Alteryx Version 2018.1 onwards See More
Windows Version Compatibility Windows 10 See More
API Version Compatibility Version 201802 See More
Google AdWords Connector Version V2 See More


AdWords is Google’s premier online advertising service, where advertisers pay to display advertisements to web users. With our Google AdWords connector, you can track campaign performance, number of clicks, conversions, and revenue. You can retrieve the following object information:

  • Account
  • Ad
  • Ad Group
  • Campaign
  • Keyword

Grazitti’s connectors can be customized as per your requirements. For more information, send us an email at


  1. Johns

    We had a chance this afternoon to test out the AdWords connector and it works great!

    We had some customization requests, if possible, to be added in the connector.