Use Cases

Simplifying Advertising Campaign Management

Pay-per-click advertising is important for a complete and successful digital marketing campaign. Bing Ads helps you stay on the top of your advertising campaign by enabling you to reach a more robust audience, that results in an increase in ROAS (return-on-advertising -spend). How is the API based Bing Ads Connector Useful? Bing Ads plays a […]

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Making Decisions Using Campaign and Ad Metrics

DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) API is an excellent source of useful data to analyze the effective campaign on Ad services. The data lets users plan and track their campaigns and can also be utilized to simplify advertising campaign management, from initial media planning to final reporting activity in any source or medium, multi-channel funnels and […]

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Using Data for Product and Order Management

Amazon MWS API empowers end users to track seller account activity. The data can be used for order management, inventory management, and report management. The reports data can be utilized to prepare real-time reports including Browse Tree Reports, FBA Reports, Order tracking, performance and settlement reports etc. Alteryx users face several challenges while preparing reports […]

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