Why Choose Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors?

Expand your data reach by connecting Alteryx with multiple platforms


Grazitti’s connectors can be customized with varied objects, data fields, and other metrics.


The connectors are built on a robust and secure infrastructure providing end-to-end data protection.

Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors
Quick Install

Grazitti’s connectors come with a user guide describing the step-by-step process of installation.

Easy Automation

Grazitti’s connectors automate the data fetch, taking care of all your requirements.

How It Works

Installing Grazitti’s Alteryx connectors is as easy as 1..2…3


Download the connector in just a few simple steps


Drag and drop into the Alteryx Designer


Blend, prepare, and process data

The Story Behind Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors

Here’s how Grazitti, as an Alteryx partner came up with a large set of connectors providing data
extraction solutions across multiple platforms

90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years, but most of it never gets analyzed
Alteryx has been a game-changer here by providing self-service analytics to businesses
But with the proliferation of platforms, there’s a need to access and view all metrics—from multiple platforms—at one place
To help businesses ingest more data and share deeper insights, Grazitti’s engineers have built a large number of Alteryx connectors







Our Achievement & Success

Take a look at the achievements of Grazitti’s custom Alteryx connectors

Success and Achievements:

  • We are a trusted Alteryx Partner
  • We are a leading Alteryx connector provider
  • We have developed more than 50 connectors within 2 years
  • We have been an active part of Alteryx Inspire Conference all over the world

Key Features Of Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors

With simple drag and drop tools to blend, prepare, and process data, Grazitti’s Alteryx connectors have been an all-time favorite of analysts across business verticals

Effortless Installation

Download a connector & get started in a few clicks

Quick Connectivity

Log in with your credentials & start fetching data

Native Connectors

Ensure seamless connectivity with a robust infrastructure

Platform Integration

Integrate with a wide range of platforms

Robust Quality

Built on a secure infrastructure providing end-to-end data protection

Complete Customization

Build a connector for a platform of your choice

Our Popular Connectors

Perform better analysis with Alteryx by fetching data from a variety of platforms ranging from databases to social media to online advertising channels and more

What People Say About Us

Take a look at what our customers have to say about us

Use Cases

Find out how Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors are being used by top companies to get deeper insights and drive data-driven business decisions

Double Click Campaign Manager
Making Decisions Using Campaign and Ad Metrics

3 years ago

Measure digital marketing campaign performance by reporting on metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and ad spend.

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Simplifying Advertising Marketing Campaign
Simplifying Advertising Campaign Management

3 years ago

Track statistics about campaigns using selected metrics and make informed choices about advertising budget and keyword performance.

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